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 Rich Kukle: Chef to the Rich and Famous

You love to cook...but what if you could design the perfect kitchen? In this lastest Chef Rich moment, he invites you into his favorite kitchen in the world,  explains what makes it so special, and how you can adopt some of these ideas in your own kitchen...so come on along!

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 For twenty years,  I have been personal chef to three of America's wealthiest billionaires, and countless famous celebrities. I decided it was time to give back..to help all of you aspiring chefs who, like me, love preparing delicious,  healthy food in a beautifully presented manner.

What if I told you that you could cook like a pro, and all it took was a few simple ideas and concepts?

Spend some time with me, and I promise that I will have you cooking wonderful meals..and it will be  fun and easy. 

Kitchen Magic

Chef Rich teaches you how to make food and meal preparation easier than you could ever imagine

Kitchen Magic Made Easy

​Cooking Tricks and Kitchen Tips

With  Chef Rich 

Cooking Tips And Tricks form one of America's great chefs

How to Wow

Want to prepare food that will blow your friends and family away?

It's easy!!

Learn how to Master your Kitchen!  Watch cooking tips and tricks!

Cooking Wild

Travel with Chef Rich to the far corners and watch him prep food from amazing places 

Be a Better Chef!

Current Feature:

The Perfect Kitchen

With  Chef Rich