In this  episode, we visit Amorici Vineyards in upstate New York and I show you the winemaking process from harvest to press..and we even get our feet dirty! 

Kitchen Magic Made Easy
​Cooking Tips and Kitchen Tips

In this 10 minute film, you join Chef Rich on one of his most exciting adventures yet...a journey to the remote islands of the Bahamas. Rich uses the resources of the ocean to make amazing meals at sea...and experiences  sailboat cruising in one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Hunting deer with Chef Rich

In this first adventure series, I take you along as we hunt Caribbean lobster in the Florida Keys. I will teach you how we catch them, how we "dress" them, and then how to present lobster in  a crowd pleasing way. 

In this  adventure series, I take you along as I hunt deer in the high mountain forests of New York. Watch as I use bow and arrow to get a buck, and then explain how to dress a deer in the wild

Fishing in Long Island Sound

I love the outdoors. Nothing makes me happier than tracking down wild game, or conquering mountain trails, or pursuing some underwater creature, or foraging in the forest for a delicious morsel...Almost as much I love  making a delicious meal  with whatever treasure I have found. 

Join me on my adventures in the great outdoors, and then let's get back into  the kitchen.

Let's do some Cooking Wild!

Sailing the Exumas

Foraging for Mushrooms

Hunting Lobsters with Chef Rich

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Part One

Exciting Adventures in Food from the Far Corners

Deer Hunting in the Catskill mountains

Making Wine with Chef Rich

Cooking Wild with Chef Rich

In this two part series,  Chef Rich takes you behind the scenes inside the home of one of his 

 rich and famous clients. Come see how the other           half lives...

​Lobster Hunting in the Florida Keys: Mini-Season!

foraged mushrooms in Catskills

Making Wine

The Call of Aspen

Be a Better Chef!

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Part Two